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For many of us who identify as LGBTQ+, sharing queer stories is an important part of exploring, embracing and expressing our identities.

This collection brings together some of the most compelling stories from LGBTQ+ voices, ranging from classics that defied societal limitations, to work by emerging talent that is shaping how we talk about and understand the LGBTQ+ experience today. Whether you hope to reflect on the progress we've already made, ponder what lies ahead, or are looking to hear stories that you may be able to relate to personally, I encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of activism and inclusivity that these stories represent. - Robin, Audible Editor

A brave, bold and brilliantly funny drama

Meet Brooke; a hopeless romantic, a millennial Meg Ryan, a bisexual Bridget Jones. She’s about to turn 30 and is keen to settle down with her girlfriend… until she’s dumped. Luckily Brooke writes algorithms for a dating app and she’s ready to put her own code to the test and finally get her perfect ‘girl meets boy… or girl or enby’ 'Happy Ever After'. Based on the award-winning sell out Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre show, Algorithms is a debut work by comedian, actor and writer Sadie Clark, who also stars in this production directed by Lisa Spirling alongside Alison Steadman, Seyan Sarva, Len Gwyn and Desiree Burch.

Sadie says: 'Algorithms started out as a one-woman show born out of my frustration with the lack of openly bisexual characters in pop culture. I've loved developing the character of Brooke further for this series, delving into what a rom-com sounds like when the protagonist could meet boy... girl... or any gender'.

'Algorithms is a story about desperately searching for love whilst worrying you're never enough. A universally relatable dilemma I'm sure, but one that can manifest in a particularly painful way for bisexual people: not feeling 'gay enough' whilst also not being straight. I sometimes feel like I have my foot in the door of two different parties, like I'm both and I'm neither. Chatting to some of my non-binary friends I realised there were overlaps with my experiences and theirs, of feeling like they needed to live up to a certain non-binary 'ideal'. I hope that this series speaks to queer people from all walks of life who have struggled with similar feelings, and that they find comfort in seeing themselves represented in a story with the whimsical joy and humour of a romantic comedy'.

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Humour and romance: the perfect pairing

The Break Up by Charlotte Barnes

Finding love where you least expect it.

Crimes of Passion by Jack Harbon

There's a fine line between love and hate.

Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Can a fake relationship kick start true love?

Hilarious guests share stories and advice

Comedian Josh Thomas finds that the big questions can't be answered by Google and so in this unflinchingly honest documentary and memoir he calls in the big guns, a party of hilarious and experienced queer storytellers, AKA his friends. His big question: how do I be gay? In this irreverent but informative podcast expect advice, and plenty of real life tales.

Josh tells us: 'I live near West Hollywood - where everything is so queer and fun and being queer is so fun. Sometimes it can be easy to forget straight people even exist. I made this podcast because I’ve gotten so comfortable and cosy in my little queer corner of the world that being gay had started to feel pedestrian to me, it started to seem sort of - ordinary. And being gay isn’t ordinary at all - it’s challenging and weird and thrilling. For this podcast I wanted to talk to a wide range of queer people and compare my experience with theirs. I don’t really talk that much in it because that isn’t the point - this podcast is supposed to be a chance to listen.'

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“This book is a little universe in itself. Stunning, immersive storytelling and a fantastic narrator that captures every moment perfectly.”
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