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  • Mar 24 2022

    Peanuts contain 828 calories per one cup full based on USDA  containing nutrients for a true powerhouse of nutrition that supplies the body systems from enriching the blood and power boost of energy. This excellent source of protein, iron, magnesium and potassium to name only the larger nutrients. Trace minerals and vitamins can be found with the exact amount by google "Peanuts"; a most powerful Legume of the pea family. Adding peanuts to any trail mix can offer a super snack comfort food that is both beneficial for healthy individuals, diabetics and those who want to fight high cholesterol and high blood pressure too. Peanuts have good fat content with a small amount of saturated fats from roasting peanuts since they can not be digested raw.
    Peanuts are Super Snacks that double as comfort food. Protein-Rich peanuts are jammed full of Magnesium Potassium and mend your bones with super Food peanuts. Diabetics and blood pressure and arthritis can mend a body well.
    Trail mix is only one known super fat food that is a protein-enriched snack. These healthy snacks can assist every diet for fast super snacks like peanut butter and crackers also knabs and the famous PBJ of peanut butter and jelly or perhaps jam. Survival Food and workout snacks peanuts should be a go to.
    This video tells how peanuts provide health benefits for your body assist with time restraints to eating right and offer some ideas to add this healthy snack to busy lifestyles. Workouts benefit from all the vitamins and nutrition peanuts have.
    Nutritional Fact Sheets visit the https://dandelionsoap.com/blog to view or download
    and the podcast can be found easily on all platforms click follow https://dandelionsoap.com/justdandypo...
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  • Mar 3 2022

    Gut Health and Positive Digestive Enzymes accompanied with a bland diet can offer Proactive benefits for  Preventing Pancreatitis and Gallbladder issues. Identifying symptoms at the onset may keep the doctor at bay and even guard the idea of surgery. This episode covers symptoms and remedies to a happy tummy. Whenever tummy issues become acute a visit to the doctor is highly recommended! Use these remedies at the onset for 3 to 7 days monitoring foods that may cause symptoms or prevent them. The physician will commonly place the patient on a BRAT diet, run tests, do bloodwork and have a follow-up visit to assess and diagnose. Bedrest is always recommended resulting in time away from work and allowance for the body to reset with intermediate fasting recommended by the treating physician.
    Use these suggestions together: Dill Pickle Juice to resolve tummy discomfort, sore tummy, indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn. Continued symptoms that continue after every meal try Acidophilus over a 3 to 7 day period to see if symptoms subside. A detox may be needed to improve issues, contact me for more information and let's talk it over.

    Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast is the BRAT Diet that commonly is best followed in reverse. This helps the tummy and these are foods that can be digested and bypass pancreatitis and minimal to no aid from the gallbladder.
    Day 1

    • Enjoy Broth (Chicken and Cabbage), Crackers and Toast, clear liquids and/or apple juice, jello

    Day 2

    • Applesauce and apple juice, grape juice, graham crackers and all the above

    Day 3

    • Rice, Chicken noodle soup and all the above

    Day 4 

    • Bananas and peanut butter and all the above

    Day 5 Introduce a meat and/or other heavier food trying one at a time to monitor how your system responds, such as; chicken, turkey or fish.
    For more information visit Dandelion Soap Blog. Those seeking guest speaking, sponsorship and product reviews contact me directly at dandysoap@gmail.com using the subject line for inquiry to receive priority reading.
    Share this podcast and be sure to follow to receive notification of each new episode. Share with those whom you feel will benefit and gain value, its so appreciate.
    Dandly Yours, Elizabeth G Morgan

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  • Feb 13 2022

    The herb that has been used to relieve painful Migraines and keep them from occurring is Feverfew. The natural pain relieving ability is effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscle Spams, Stomach Aches and Inflammation in the body. Herbal Pain relief can have great results without the side effects associated with prescription medications. Although many other herbs can assist with Migraines and Rheumatoid Arthritis, this episode will focus on Feverfew. Additional information can be found on the Blog regarding Cancer treatment and tincture of Feverfew. Below is the link for a Free Guide to Natural Pain Relieve Herbs along with those herbs I recommend for regular and even everyday use if needed.
    Click these links spoken about in Podcast to be directed. Herbal Pain Reliever Guide Free Download that is mobile-ready too. Be sure to share with anyone whom you like that can benefit from the information. Use of the lower links are affiliate and help me to cover the cost to continue the podcast. Thank you in advance for the support it is so appreciated. In the meantime be sure to follow this podcast for information that can improve your health and your life.
    Feverfew Capsules that I recommended were clinically tested. Others mentioned in Free Guide for Consideration Skullcap or White Willow or Chamomile or Devils Claw (secondary root) and depending on your need Kava Kava

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