• Discover Your Scottish Ancestry
    Jun 17 2023

    Are you descended from a powerful clan chief, royalty or even a saint? In this episode, we explore how to research your Scottish ancestors, and what surprises might be in store for you. If you love Scotland, join us as we…Imagine Alba.

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    21 mins
  • Scottish Curling
    Feb 4 2022

    Curling is one of Scotland's national sports, but was it invented here, and how do you play? As we cheer on the Scottish led Curling Team GB compete at the 2022 Olympics in Bejing, we "hurry hard" and imagine...the very Scottish past time of curling. Find extras on this episode at https://buff.ly/3AUQvt6

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    13 mins
  • Kilmartin Glen
    Jan 4 2022

    Kilmartin Glen in Argyll is ground zero for one of Britain's most important archaeological landscapes. Join us as we explore 5,000 years of Scottish history. 

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    17 mins
  • A Highland Clearance: The Ballad of Arichonan Part 2
    Dec 21 2020

    In Part 2 of our podcast, A Highland Clearance: The Ballad of Arichonan, we tell how one community fought back in the story of Argyll, Scotland's notorious clearance riot. Find out more about the Highland Clearances, see images and get extras on the podcast at https://bit.ly/3pamkXJ 

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    18 mins
  • A Highland Clearance: The Ballad of Arichonan
    Dec 8 2020

    We discuss one of the most notorious chapters in the history of Scotland, the Highland Clearances, through the experience of one Argyll community. Find extras at  https://buff.ly/37ZzHmP

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    19 mins
  • Did Scotland Invent Halloween?
    Nov 13 2019

    Transylvania may have Dracula and Salem may have witches, but is Scotland arguably the home of Halloween? On this episode, we explore how a Gaelic harvest festival transformed into an $8 billion dollar spooktacular holiday as we…imagine Halloween. For extras on this episode, visit https://www.imaginealba.com/podcast

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    15 mins
  • A Scottish Wedding: Marriage Traditions in Scotland
    Feb 9 2018

    On this episode, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with an exploration of wedding traditions in Scotland. We share the ways couples here tie the knot (literally!) and other unique Scottish customs, plus tips on planning your own Scottish wedding, from the blackening ceremony to the wardrobe to the last dance. Thanks for listening! For extras on this episode,visit http://bit.ly/2nYyl4m


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    21 mins
  • Robert Burns Night
    Jan 11 2018

    On this episode, we explore the Scottish tradition of Burns Night with our own Ode to Rabbie. Plus we preview Glasgow's Celtic Connections, one of Europe's leading trad and roots festivals. Thanks for listening, and please visit the page for this episode on our website for more information, including recipes, poems and photos. Find extras on this episode at http://bit.ly/2qUwzGu. 

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    17 mins